UNDERCOVER: O’Keefe Exposes Ted Strickland’s True Positions On Coal and Guns

In a new video released by Project Veritas Action Fund, James O’Keefe exposes Ohio’s Democratic candidate for Senate, Ted Strickland, and his real positions on the issues of coal and guns.

In the video, Project Veritas Action journalists approach Strickland and ask him about his position on coal, which he made very clear, saying, “I am not, you know a cheerleader for the coal industry.”

These statements may be a contributing reason to his campaign’s poor performance. According to several Hillary Clinton for Ohio workers who were caught on camera, the Democratic Party pulled funding from Strickland’s campaign due to his poor performance.

Strickland’s comments about coal shed further insight into why he lost the endorsement of the United Mine Workers of America to Senator Rob Portman.

When Project Veritas Action encountered Ted Strickland’s wife, we asked her about her husband’s position on guns. She said that he was in favor of guns but that his position was “evolving” throughout the race to a more “common sense” approach. “I think that he is evolving, and he’s going to lose votes from the people he represented in southern Ohio, because they don’t want any, so he’s going to have to convince them what he’s doing is common sense”, said Strickland’s wife. 

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